Growth Hacking for Udemy Instructors

Learn how to market your Udemy courses for maximum exposure, sign ups & revenue.

How to Succeed as a Udemy Instructor Without Paid Ads

Watch as I show you exactly what I did to kickstart my Udemy courses in an amazing way, backed by screenshots & proof.

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Are you a new instructor in Udemy struggling to make sales? I know exactly how you feel!

In this course, I reveal what I did to not only survive, but make $637 in just under 30 days, for my very first course in Udemy. Forget the courses that give you pie-in-the-sky ideas on how to make sales in Udemy. This course is based on facts & data, and I hold nothing back!

I recorded everything I did on a daily basis as part of my "online marketing journal." I made mistakes, stumbled, and also achieved some shocking breakthroughs.

Join me on my journey, step-by-step, as I utilize growth hacking concepts and 2 hours of my time every day to achieve my goal of making $10,000 in Udemy.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand what growth hacking is and how to apply it as a Udemy instructor
  • See real examples of my own promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Analyze the results of my Udemy marketing activities with real data and facts
  • Get a clear, simple and doable action plan that can be applied to any future Udemy course


  • This is an evolving course - I keep adding daily videos since 27 January 2015 when my first course was approved
  • This course is NOT about creating a Udemy course. I only cover promotional ideas and tactics
  • I do not cover anything about recording, audio, presentation or submtting your Udemy courses
  • I take screenshots every day, compile them into my Keynote presentation every week, and record the videos

Who is the target audience?

  • First-time or newbie instructors in Udemy who have not made any money
  • Instructors who just got their first course approved and need an action plan
  • Instructors who need to develop an action plan before actually creating a course
  • Anyone curious about what it feel like trying to succeed and become a top instructor in Udemy


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Drew Harrison

I got started building websites in 2007 and quickly became enthralled with digital marketing. Over the past 10 years I have created and sold software and info products, and also have helped dozens of clients with local marketing.